What happens if you become ill?

Support for you and your family in difficult times.

While you’re an employee, the Scheme provides ill-health cover in case you fall ill and are unable to return to work. Initially, Company sick pay may be available but if you’re ill for an extended period, there is cover for if you’re no longer able to work.

If your ill health satisfies the definition set out in the Rules of the Scheme (the Trustee and the Company must be satisfied, on the basis of medical evidence, that you are suffering from a permanent breakdown in health and are unable to carry on in your occupation), you could draw your pension when your employment ends, even if this is before age 55.

If you’re a current Leonardo employee and wish to discuss ill-health retirement, this is managed by the Leonardo occupational health team – please speak to your HR contact.

If you’re not a current employee of Leonardo and wish to discuss ill-health retirement, please contact the Scheme administrator, XPS Administration.