Getting a pension quote

You can use the pension modeller to get an illustration of what your pension might be at various different retirement dates.

When you’ve decided on the date you’d like to retire within the next 12 months, then you’ll need to get a written pension quote, which provides details of your benefits.

If you’re in the 100 + Section (post-April 2005), you can request a pension quote from the Leonardo Electronics Scheme administrator, XPS Administration.

If you transferred from BAE Systems to Leonardo Electronics (Selex) in April 2005, you’re likely to have benefits in two schemes – the Leonardo Electronics Pension Scheme and a BAE Systems pension scheme.

You’ll need to contact the administrators of both schemes for your pension quotes and then add these together to get your total pension benefits.

1. Contact XPS Administration to request a pension quote for your benefits in the Leonardo Electronics Pension Scheme.

2. Contact BAE Systems pensions, the BAE administrator, to request a pension quote for your benefits in a BAE Systems scheme.

3. Add the benefits together from the two quotations.

1. Decide on your leaving date with HR, who will inform XPS Administration of your leaving date.

2. Inform BAE Systems pensions of your leaving date.

3. Complete and return retirement options forms to both XPS Administration and Equiniti.

4. XPS Administration puts your Leonardo Electronics pension into payment and Equiniti puts your BAE Systems pension into payment.

5. Receive pension payments from two sources making up your TOTAL pension benefit.