Ill health

Support for you and your family in difficult times.

While you’re an employee, Company sick pay may be available initially, but if you’re ill for an extended period, you may wish to consider drawing your Electronics pension when your employment ends, even if this is before the age of 55. In addition, if you are a participating member of Leonardo FuturePlanner, you may be entitled to ill-health cover as part of your membership of that arrangement, and you should discuss this with your HR contact.

If your ill health satisfies the definition set out in the Rules of the Scheme (the Trustee and the Company must be satisfied, on the basis of medical evidence, that you are suffering from a permanent breakdown in health and are unable to carry on in your occupation), you could draw your pension before age 55, and this would not be reduced for early payment while you are an ‘employed deferred’ member (namely, you were an active member on 5 April 2024 and are still employed by Leonardo UK Ltd).

If you’re a current Leonardo employee and likely to qualify for ill-health retirement, please speak to your HR contact.

If you’re not a current employee of Leonardo and wish to discuss ill-health retirement, please contact the Scheme administrator, XPS Administration.

In addition to the scheme benefits above, your employer also provides free access to an Employee Assistance Programme and Thrive.

Thrive: Mental Wellbeing is an NHS-approved app designed to help employees detect, prevent and self-manage common mental health conditions including stress, depression and anxiety. For more information on the Thrive App see here.

The Employee Assistance Programme offers access to an information and counselling service as well as online support material at any time to help you build resilience against issues and stresses which may be preventing you from remaining focused on work. If deemed clinically appropriate, you may also be referred for face-to-face counselling sessions.

More information on these benefits is available in the leaflet below.

For contact details and information on how to access these benefits please visit the Leonardo UK Benefits portal or speak to HR.